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Soccer shareware done right

Sure, there are soccer games out there galore, and everyone has their favorites, but when it comes to actually shareware releases from back in the way, the number of contenders and options is by no means as high as one could wish for. So, with that in mind, try and consider this game here, Football Fanatic which really is on par with its fully retail brethren of the era, though it offers a good chunk of itself for free. The game however is best experienced unlocked, as you'd expect, when it unleashes a flurry of options, game modes and additional bits and pieces, things that some would like, but many can do without as well, especially if you don't plan on playing it extensively. At any rate, graphically, as you'd expect, there are some differences, say, between a game such as Championship Manger and this one game here, but they are to be expected, and also, truth be told, they don't impact the playability of the game not one iota. Overall, I know, whether it is a shareware game or not, modern gamers will not care much, but it just goes to show that great games were possible even in absence of million dollar budgets, which I think is the point this game makes, a good enough reason, from my point of view to actually want to try it.

European football fantasy game

Football Fanatic is a late 90's European football fantasy game. It may be hard to get use to at first, however once a player gets into it they will be hooked instantly. The player picks a team in the EFL and becomes the Coach/GM of the teams operations. As coach the player must organize finances, player development, youth/reserve roster programs, player contracts, medical funding, staff, stadium capacity and facilities, game day tactics, starting line-up, and much much more. it is a very realistic Fantasy Football game, and i rate it a 5 out of 5. Try it out! Give it time, and you'll be hooked! hopefully someday, thunderbear software comes back, and makes a new football fanatic. Fantastic game.

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