Soccer Superstar

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Dexterity challenging action soccer game

Soccer Superstar is a bit of a special title in the multitude of titles that were spun out through the years. However, while most of them were looking to create a balanced experience, or were looking to find that great control scheme, or, maybe impress the players with some nicely done graphics, Soccer Superstar was all about putting you through your paces in terms of your digital dexterity. Yap, this is a fast playing game, and also a game that requires fast reflexes. Also, this is a game that is a bit of a drag to actually play using only your keyboard, so, in order to actually get ahead, you better arm yourself with a joystick or with a good gamepad! Graphics wise the game is at the culmination of what 2D seen from above, with a good chunk of the playing field on display was all about: functional, nice enough, but noting to get you awed. Because the playing field is seen from quite a distance above, the ball trajectory is highlighted markedly, which improves the readability of the playing field, so you can manage your team even more up close and personal. So, that's pretty much it, if you were looking for a game where the action is really fast, this is is. Alternatively, you might want to try Striker 95, a game released the same year, but with another kind of ace up its sleeve!

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