Strategy 1995 Dos Dosbox Sunflowers Galactic War Turn based Science Fiction

Futuristic Strategy game with wonderful graphics

This game from Sunflowers is among the most obscure strategy sci-fi classics which gives strategy game lovers a great time. The game is so good that many other good games have copied the theme and style in it. The objective which is set for the users is to strategize his way and conquer the vast galaxy. It's unlike the other galaxy games having no star fleets because the developer has casually touched this genre. The first good feature about the game is the alluring graphics which are quite innovative and inspiring. You have a lot of exciting and wonderful combat sequences with great animations and the user interface has also been designed very neatly for a comfortable gameplay. The ground strategy that has been defined in this one is quite superb and a great depth has been added to the scenarios which keeps a player interested all the time. It's a must recommendation for those who love armchair commander game whose mission is to sit and make and strategy to conquer the galaxy. If you have liked Blue Byte's Battle Isle, then this one is surely for you.

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