Maupiti Island

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Lankhor Mystery First person

Mystery infused adventure game

In Maupiti Island you will play as a private investigator, following a story onto the eponymous island. However, while the premise might look like a normal, ordinary one, the results are nothing but extraordinary. The game has a story that combines a lot of elements. From the criminal mastermind that you will be tracking, the story develops to showcase some elements of extra dimensionality that may be considered fantasy or horror, depending on how you choose to look at them. At any rate, story aside, which might remind you of Tunguska: Legend of Faith, you will get to solve a lot of different environmental puzzles as well as story driven ones. One thing that I absolutely loved about the game is the way in which certain elements are foreshadowed in the first few episodes/levels, things that you might look at and only consider as secondary. However, later on, they prove to be a lot more important, which only helps to strengthen the story. Story aside, the game also has nice enveloping puzzles, and, thus, it will keep you interested for hours on end, a great feat for a game so old. Definitely worth playing!

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