Demon Attack

Arcade 2005 Windows Aliens invasion

Pointless and boring

It's games like Demon Attack which thoroughly depress me and make me wonder at the reasons behind their creation and even the need for their existence. The original was a pretty straightforward rip-off of Space Invaders that added little in the way of innovation or imagination to the standard formula and unfortunately this remake follows closely in these shoes by adding nothing to what we have seen so many times before. In essence, Demon Attack is a simple, single-screen science fiction-themed shooter where you must blast everything you see to smithereens, with seemingly endless waves of aliens (they don't look particularly demonic despite the game's name) to challenge your reflexes and your patience. And to be honest, that's pretty much everything you need to know about the game. It does possess some colourful graphics, which are appealing in a sort of retro way, but to be honest I am really clutching at straws here to find something positive to say about Demon Attack. It is just so completely lacking in anything even approaching originality that to recommend it would feel like a criminal act of such shamefulness that it would never be erased from my memory. Actually playing it is even worse and it is a game which will linger in the mind for some time but not in any positive way and which instead makes you question your own existence and the value of your time. The shooter genre is packed with genuine classics, from Defender to Joust to Robotron 2084, and please play any of these instead of the travesty that is Demon Attack.

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