Dalek Attack

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Admiral Software Platformer Humorous

For Dr. Who fans it s a must play!

What makes this little sidescroller platformer a charm to play is the little nods to the TV series. Yes, you'll find the sonic screwdriver there, you'll find your favorite characters (from the early series) and, even without these, the game is quite well delivered, animations, scenarios, design, everything. Granted, it's no hardcore experience, nor a tight experience, but it manages to be entertaining enough and to have as much personality as you'd expect it to. Now, don't expect any innovations. After all, by 93 most of the ideas that drive platformers were already covered and leave space only for some nuances, but overall, Dalek Attack can entertain you, as long as you just want a left to right ride and not some out of this world experience. Another aspect of the game might aggravate those that like their sidescrollers all shiny and colorful. Well, Dalek Attack is not about that, it's a pretty uniformly murky looking game, but that's an esthetic that I can get behind. But that's in tune with the TV series, so I reckon it will be perceived as a plus by those that appreciate the TV series. If not, well, Jill of The Jungle 3 will treat you to enough magentas, pinks and other saturated colors of the rainbow to last you a lifetime. Enjoy!

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