Densha de Go! 2 3000

Simulation 2000 Windows Taito Design Tool Building

All aboard!

This is actually the fourth in a series of Japanese train driving simulators from arcade legend Taito, which started out in the arcades and then moved into the homes of train loving fans. This one is surprisingly enjoyable and makes for an entertaining alternative to the likes of Western offerings such as A-Train and Railroad Tycoon. The goal here is less on micromanaging an extensive train network and is focused more on high speed thrills which require quick reactions and strategy combined. You're given control of a speeding train and it's your responsibility to ensure that you stop at all the right stations, while keeping to your schedule and ensuring your passengers all make it on and off safely. You have to consider things like health and safety and the traffic rules and while this sounds like it could be a bit dull, it actually proves to be quite thrilling. This edition of the game is notable as it was a special release to celebrate 3000 units of Densha de Go! 2 in the arcades, so this includes some new routes to challenge fans of the original. Considering this came from the arcades originally, this is a surprisingly deep experience that actually offers plenty of lasting appeal. Everything is set up to be immensely accessible, which you would expect given its roots, but there's a decent amount of strategy required to succeed here. You've got to juggle quite a few elements at the same time and it's here that the game gets its excitement, so if you are into trains and fancy a new challenge, this is worth a closer inspection.

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