MindRover: The Europa Project

Simulation 2000 Windows CogniToy Design Tool Building

Classic robo-car building simulation

Mind Rover is a great simulation games which involves a good deal of variety in terms of both building and action elements. The plot in this game known also as The Europa Project is that you are required to build robotic cars with which you will do a variety of stuff and action such as racing with your opponents to defeat them on the tracks, taking part in death combats involving destruction racing, and going through obstacle courses. It really tests your innovative skills of how you will use different components to build a car that has a good deal of features to make you perform the stuff mentioned above. There are about 60 different components that have been provided in the game and you can use them along with components that you can download from the website of the game. Some of the components are of utmost importance like the detector, the radar and the engine of the robot car. The graphics in the game are very good and detailed and they also feature some very good animations for the action sequences that are there in the game. The gaming engine is also great and so is the well thought user interface. it is classic game overall and another one which has the same deal of fun is Yager.

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