Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy

Action 1998 Windows 3DO Company Robots First Person Strategy Sci fi

An impressive and long-expected sequel

Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy is a 1998 action strategy game released by 3DO Company, that quickly empowered its business, that meantime became huge. Because the original Uprising was a real success, being very well received, it was just the right time for the reputed developers to work at a sequel. This game combines perfectly real-time strategy and 3D shooter elements. The whole gameplay has the purpose to challenge you to show your skills and apply tactics. Also, you have to prove you are great pilot. The storyline continues the events of the prequel and offers you a more complex and detailed view at the conflict between the alien race named Kri'iSara and the human race, which is always ready to cause damage. But, the plot is a bit changed. In the first game, you fought for freedom, in the second you have to lead battles for survival. In order to get used with the interface, controls and gameplay, you have a tutorial at your disposal that will introduce you into the action and atmosphere. You will learn fast, because the tutorial is easy to follow and skim over. The graphics come with significant improvements, unlike the first Uprising, where the textures weren't so defined. The music fits with the action and the sounds are also well-realized. You will be impressed by this game, so play it right away!

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