Descent to Undermountain

RPG 1998 Dos Dosbox Interplay First person Medieval

Below average all the way

It is an RPG game which has many a flaws which make it a cut below the average. The plot in the game is that people in the city of Deepwater are mysteriously disappearing and your mission is to save the city from whatever evil has taken it and you will descend below the undermountain on your adventure to rescue the people and solve the mystery and there you will counter a verity of different enemies and obstacles. The first thing that lacks in the game is the built up on the designs that includes the backgrounds and the monsters. They have a somewhat semi-finished look to them which looks quite annoying and is not engaging at all. Almost all the monsters though different have that feel to them which makes them look totally ridiculous. Similarly the backgrounds are pretty ordinary and they do not gel with the gameplay. The level designs are repetitive and there is nothing in terms of the monster tactics because they are mindless and this make the gameplay lack the toughness. The variety of the RPG elements in the games is also lacking and so lacks the outdated UI. The gameplay is quite linear and boring and the game needs an overall redrafting. A much better option in this genre would be StoneKeep.

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