World of Aden: Thunderscape

RPG 1995 Dos Dosbox SSI First person Medieval Turn based Role playing Fantasy

A fun game with lots of exploration and monster encounters

World of Aden: Thunderscape is a fantasy role-playing game released in 1995 by Strategic Simulations, Inc. The action takes place in the time of an industrial revolution, when the power of steam is discovered and therefore, exploited. Unfortunately, the development was interrupted by a supernatural cataclysm, called the Darkfall, that brought dark creatures into the land. Is up to you to start a good fight against the evil forces and to embark in an adventure that will lead you to frightening locations, where the devil fortress is built. You can control up to six players, and the races include humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves. Also, some unique races are present having some of the most strange names: Faerkin, Jurak, Rapacian, Goreaux, Ferran. You can also choose their skills (sword, bow, shield, martial arts, acrobatics, casting spells), strenghts, dexterity, intelligence and other attributes. Once you finish setting the characters, a bunch of quests, enemies to kill and other challenging objectives will await you. The view is from a first-person perspective, that gives you the feeling of actually being there, in the centre of the action. The mouse moves the player and indicates the direction you want to go. Along your exploration, you will find various items that need to be collected. Drag the objects over a fantasy character to put it into their inventory. Each battle will lead to a complete personal development of the player. I liked the fact that the engine made this game run fast and smooth. You will definitely appreciate World of Aden: Thunderscape, so don't miss it!

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