Decision in the Desert

Strategy 1987 Dos Dosbox Microprose Real time

Third game in the Command series

Decision in the Desert is the second, and arguably one of the best of the Command series, which contains a wargame called Conflict in Vietnam, another game centered on European conflicts, Crusade in Europe and the game here. This third one, designed in association with Sid Meier, is all about potential conflicts, so it doesn't try to be historically accurate, but believable. The Second World War conflict that took place in the North African area is where this game is centered on. You control your units from above, in turns, and you also get a meaty secondary options menu with economic bits and portions and the like. The graphics in this game are far from great, as most of the maps are single color, in the EGA spectrum, and the units are little more than squares with, at times no distinct feature to individualize them. But, for all intents and purposes, the game controls fairly easy, the AI is smart enough to not get caught in very simple ambushes and it also seems to have a knack for flanking and other advanced tactical features. So, all in all, Decision in the Desert is a great game, fairly satisfying to play and pretty diverse. Give it a try.

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