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Steer well clear of this

While fans of strategy sims like Civilization might be tempted to check out this little known entry in the genre, to do so would be one of the greatest gaming errors in the history of the industry as what's on offer here is a poor clone of a classic and which is almost entirely devoid of anything resembling entertainment. On the surface, it's sounds interesting, if unoriginal, stuff, offering the bold player the chance to develop a tribe of prehistoric people, bringing them through the ages, witnessing momentous changes in technology, art and warfare, while battling it out against other tribes all trying to be the top dog. There's plenty of options, including the ability to play the game in turn-based or real-time fashion, 2D or 3D, while there are also campaigns, single missions and military or scientific objectives to choose from. You have all the usual features of such strategy games, and must manage various resources in order to advance, conduct research and of course deal with your opponents in either diplomatic or aggressive fashion. So, on the surface at least, Destiny sounds like it could be a decent addition to the genre. However, in reality it turns out to be a bit of a mess, with pretty much everything done wrong. It starts with the visuals, which were overly ambitious for the time and which render the game virtually unplayable, thanks to the poor camera and indistinct graphics. Things are made worse by the interface which is confusing at best, and downright frustrating at worst, while the terminology and categories make it sound as if they are offering depth but which in actual fact just make everything even more confusing. There really isn't much to recommend Destiny unless you want to waste your time, so really, just stick with Civilization.

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