Conquest Earth: First Encounter

Strategy 1997 Windows Eidos Interactive Galactic War Space combat Science Fiction

We killed Jupiter`s inhabitants and now we have to pay!

This is a neat wargame, a strategy that takes us through the galaxy, not very far, just to our neighborhood planet, Jupiter. You see, humanity has reached that place where they were able to send a probe to Jupiter, however, a roaster of our microbes and other microorganisms has managed to find its way there too, and these little warriors have wrecked havoc on the inhabitants of these lands. Thus, assuming that we did this on purpose, they sworn revenge, and now we're all messed up in a conflict that is large and brimming. So, this is the premise, the game is a pretty well balanced space strategy, well put together, well balanced and also pretty hardcore, all things considered. Give it a go, see how it plays with you. I found it pretty interesting. It's got, if you will, a survival theme, but it is delivered in strategy format, which is less obvious to this genre, which is why it is so interesting to play. Alternatively, see Dark Colony, yet another Sci Fi specialist of the strategy genre. This one is not as hardcore, and you might find it easier to sink into, without extensive reading of manuals or other helpful materials. Though, both of them are pretty great games.

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