Destruction Derby 2

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Undemanding but enjoyable driving action

Anyone looking for a bit of vehicular-based combat driving action will find plenty to amuse themselves with Destruction Derby 2, combining as it does traditional racing thrills with some full-on mindless violence. Although somewhat lacking in the options that many players now expect from a driving game, what is present makes up for any omissions by simply being outrageous fun. Destruction Derby 2 lacks anything like a career or story-mode and instead gets down to business by providing three modes which offer some nice variation on the theme of vehicle destruction. Wreckin' Races task players with knocking seven bells out of the competition to send them off the track, while Stock Car is a standard, first-around-the-track race. Seven tracks are available to race on, with nineteen opponents on each, all of whom put up a pretty decent fight and provide plenty of challenge. Many players will be tempted by the pleasures of the Wreckin' Races and while they are initially fun, the lack of control and constant bashing do wear a little thin quite quickly, so it is just as well that the Stock Car section is a lot more fun. This mode still offers plenty of opportunities for full-contact driving, but with a greater emphasis on skill and racing, making it far more rewarding. Graphically, everything licks along at a fair old pace, with a great sensation of speed and with the enjoyably twisty tracks providing some thrilling racing. The physics engine too is well implemented, adding a good sense of realism, and overall, if you want a simple, undemanding, but fast-paced and fun racer, this is a fairly safe bet.

A brilliant hardcore racing game with action

When going for racing games, this game has some of the most challenging features which are not common with many others in this genre. The first trait about this racing game is that it is very challenging because of its diverse range of tracks which go from deserts to dusty streets in the nights. The destruction elements in this game in the form of accidents and crashes are very thrilling and really add an attractive look to the game. Unlike its predecessor Destruction Derby, this game has seven more tracks with distinct elements and some really interesting racing scenarios. The crashes that you will face will pop up many parts and even sets your wheels off the track or into the air. The most exciting addition to this version is that the cars can be made to jump off and leave the track. Banks and jumps have been incorporated in the middle of the racing track which causes the cars to crash in the midst of the air and provides you a scene like the ones we see in hardcore action movies. However they have made it a little tough because the cars are a bit hard to overtake. However the graphics are so prolific that all the action in the game is crystal clear and happens in real time. No doubt that his game is one of the best in the racing games category.

Slightly better than the first

Getting bored with monotonous racing game? wanna play something more challenging ? well, Destruction Derby 2 is the answer. The sequel of the first Destruction Derby now come with seven new tracks, ranging from dusty desert roads to night time street. With improving crash scene from previous version, the cars now drops more parts when crashing each other, cars can also lose its hoods and wheels when driving around. the most notable improvement in this game is now the cars given an ability to jump and leave the road. tracks now provided with banks and jumps, so you will coliding each other in mid-air, crashing,ramming, bashing and landing on more cars, this is the feature i like the most :). one thing you should complain about this game. compared to the previous title, the other cars are somewhat difficult to overtake during a gameplay and the graphics aren't as smooth and silky as the playstation version. but it's definitely better look and more playable than previous Destruction Derby. this game is definitely worth to play and you should download it.

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