Destruction Derby

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Smash, hit and run!

If you like violent, fast and fun racing games, this one is definitely worth a shot! Like another game I like very much, Megarace 2, this game is consisted of you racing in one of three possible cars and try to get to the finish line. To make things a lot more fun, you also must try to smash other cars as much as you possibly can. The outcome of that is that their (and yours, if you get hit) steering ability and speed are much lowered. Probably the most fun mode in the game is definitely Destruction Derby, where you get points every time you manage to smash into a car. Doesn't it fill you with evil joy? Wreckin' Racing is aslo a great mode, a hybrid, in which the you earn points both by winning the race and by destroying other cars. When you think of all the fun that ensues when doing this, it doesn't matter that the vehicle options are so limited. The graphics of the game are really great, full 3D and with fantastic textures. The music and sound effects are both outstanding, and it definitely brings a lot to the great atmosphere. If there ever was a demolition derby type of racing game, this is it. You won't regret it!

Great game

Me and my brother used to play DDA when we were younger and now that i am older i've been looking at older games and honestly even though i'm 11, I am living in the 80's and 90's. I'v been playing this alot and honestly i swear all i can say is, i LOVE this game. my brother always judges a game by graphics, but i dont. i like the classics, for their awesome gameplay and concepts, and this is honestly one of my favorites. be sure to see my review on duke nuken 3d atomic edition, what a great game that was!!!!

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