Daytona USA

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American style racing arcader

If American stands for over the top, fast, booming, extraordinary, ultra big sized things, then this arcade racer seems to be made of that quintessential American cloth as well! It is fast, doesn't concern itself too much with realism, is boomy and energizing and, well, at the end of the day and after a few races, it shows itself to be a bit empty. Oh, but don't worry, while playing it you won't feel anything but entertained, always at the edge of an accident and always seemingly flying out of control at every corner. But that is just a feeling, as the game is pretty easy to control, though, truly, there are some circuits that will require you to take an extra of cautiousness, and, maybe, even learn how the curves are all set about. At any rate, Daytona USA is a sleek racer, like I said it truly showcases its pure arcade roots and because of that it won't give you a moment of pause while playing it, but whether you'll return to it, well, that's another question. Or, maybe, I just had too much of it, who knows. Anyway, I also recommend the deluxe version of the game, aptly titled Daytona USA Deluxe as it has a few more tracks and a few more vehicles, though the experience is just as over the top (with, maybe, a lesser array of bugs, though I found none in Daytona USA during my time with it).

Sega racing game

This game rocks! It's a very nice port of Sega arcade cabinet (I think they did also for Sega Saturn, but not sure), I remind I played a lot when I was younger. Basically it's a racing arcade game, with the typical time bonus style, run fast to get more time and to continue racinga. What is very nice is the graphics (at least for that time it was!). You will race with several opponents, though the AI is not very developed, neither is the damage simulation. Well, finally it's a quite nice game to play when you got some minutes of free time. If you want something more complex and "simulated" you should try Need for Speed game and all the following one of the series.

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