Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas

Action 2000 Windows Fox Interactive Gangster 3D action adventure

Choose to die hard and live the great action!!

Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas is the second game of the trilogy, where you play the cop named John McClane. The gameplay contains the 3 types of gameplay and actions, just like in DHT: shooting, driving, and exploring. The Movie mode is available if you want to alternate between gameplay types (auto simulator, third-person action, first-person shooter) or Arcade mode, which lets you go through all of the shooting or driving levels at once (adding extra bonus levels). Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas combines more genres, not focusing on one.The game follows faithfully the storyline and the acting from the movies and other previous games. Die Hard enchanted and brought joy with every launched game, because it offers what any action fan wants: massive shooting, various and many enemies to deal with, the non-repetitive element, the latest technology when it comes to weapons. The graphics are acceptable, and the gameplay runs smooth. I liked the fact that I could see through walls, and this is a great advantage when trouble is around, when planning of getting rid of enemies or defending yourself. Play this game because you will love it and you will be satisfied by everything that it offers!

Viva Las Vegas!

Die Hard TRILOGY 2 is a prequel. Die Hard Trilogy, was more faithful the title because it featured three separate storylines based on the three Die Hard movies. The game offers three kinds of style of gameplay: a third person shooter, a "light gun" game, something similar to Virtua Cop and an action driving game. This was outstanding for its time, because a lot of game were focused on just one type of gameplay. All three of these modes keep you entertained and won't bore you at all. The storyline is typical like in any other Die Hard game/movie. The graphics, sound and voice acting are all great and well done.

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