Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars

Racing 2000 Windows WizardWorks Off road Unconventional

Dirt track racer that exceeds expectation

Sprint Cars is fun with dirt with roaring engines, with tight cornering and, if it were just a bit better looking I think you'd just head towards the screen on your way to buy some delicious hotdogs! Yap, this 2000 dirt track racer of buggies has it all, the cool, twisty dirt tracks that can be both diverse and engaging, the completion can be stiff (depending on how you set your difficulty levels) and more than anything, it is fun, especially if you love buggy racing. There aren't many letdowns, especially if you don't expect too much in the way of accurate simulation, as the game is rather on the arcadey side in terms of feel, but that's an asset in my book, and a very enticing one, actually. So give it a go, have it installed and ready for that one race when you're on a much deserved break, only to find out that you can't really let it go. Yes, it is quite the charmer and the type of game you can't just let go off once you've started. Similar in style, Monster Garage is another title you might want to try if dirt track racing is it for you!

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