Sprint Cars: Road To Knoxville

Racing 2006 Windows Tommo Inc Unconventional Off road

You take the high road

Sprint Cars is a cheap but unfortunately not very cheerful little racing game that is a far cry from the likes of Outrun and the best of the Need For Speed series. As the name suggests, it focuses on sprint cars but given the myriad problems with the game, unless you're a diehard fan of this sort of racing, then you're better off looking elsewhere for your driving fun. This one does offer a few different modes to try out, including a full-blown career option, where you take the role of team manager and must look after your drivers to ensure they get to the top of the podium by getting them sponsors and the best gear. If you just want to get on with racing, there are more options for that, including single-race and championship modes. In terms of cars there are several different variations, including Open-Wheeled Modifieds, Midgets, and Winged Sprint Cars, while there are the usual different types of tracks to race around and which each offer their own unique challenges. Sprint Cars earns a few points for offering something slightly different from your average racer but this isn't really enough to make up for its other shortcomings. The controls are a bit dodgy from the outset, making guiding your car around the tracks a bit of a chore, while the tracks themselves aren't the most exciting ones in the world, so you're likely to get bored quickly. The visuals are very grainy and lacking in detail while there simply isn't enough here to keep the average driving fan happy. This is one that is best avoided.

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