Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing

Racing 2000 Windows THQ Unconventional

Enjoyable spin on the racing genre

If motorbikes or Formula One and rally cars aren't giving you enough racing action, then this might just be what you're looking for to give you those extra thrills. As the name rather obviously suggests, the game gives players the chance to leap behind the wheel of several oversized trucks and race them around instead of those piddly little cars and bikes. There are all the usual options you'd expect from a racing game, including single races and full championship mode across a range of international tracks which take you all across Europe, while you can also practice your skills and compete against your own ghost in an effort to hone your times. It's all licensed stuff, with real racers and teams (although unless you're a hardcore truck racing fan, this probably won't mean much to you are they are hardly household names) and the game also incorporates realistic damage into proceedings. These kinds of trucks are normally restricted to 160kmh to minimise damage, but there is even the option to turn this off, which turns your five ton beast into an unstoppable monster. Truck Racing really is a pretty decent racer that stands comfortably alongside the likes of Colin McRae and Screamer as being an all-out fun ride. It's certainly different getting behind the wheel of a truck and while it takes a little getting used to the handling, it's all made pretty easy thanks to a responsive and fluid control system. The graphics are excellent, with the right sense of speed and detail and the only real gripes are a lack of tracks and some lacklustre sound. Apart from this though, Truck Racing offers an exciting game that stands out from the usual driving games.

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