Disciples: Sacred Lands

Strategy 1999 Windows Strategy First Fantasy

A TBS game to download

Disciples is one game that once you play it, you won't forget it. The game offers an engaging, but a bit complicated, RPG elements and even good empire management elements, that might keep you on your toes. The story varies based on your selection of which faction you want to play as, which are four: the Empire, which is basically the humans, the Undead Horde, the Legion of the Damned and the Mountain Clans, or the dwarfs. Each faction has its own unique units with unique abilities. Like in Heroes 3, you start with a capital city and need heroes to explore the land. However, here you have a choice of 4 heroes a thief, which can be used as your spy and infiltrator. Each hero can take along units, but in limited numbers, depending un the number of available slots the hero has to offer. The most innovative feature of this game is that your units gain experience points and can be upgraded to newer units, depending on which path you want your units to take. The RPG elements consists heroes using tomes or artifacts which can give them better stats. You can even cast spells in your favor or against your enemies. You can even summon creatures, which can really helpful for explorations. There are other elements in this game that I might want to talk about, but I'll stay until next year if I stay and even mention them. Overall, Disciples: Sacred Lands is one of the best turn-based strategy games ever released for the PC and deserves the attention of every gamer in existence.

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