Discworld Noir

Adventure 1999 Windows GT Interactive Third Person Mystery

Tough times

There are a number of games based on the late lamented Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, including Discworld 2, and which provide adventure fans with plenty of classic moments to enjoy. Discworld Noir is another fine entry in the franchise, and if you enjoy point-and-click games like Monkey Island and Sam & Max, this should be in your collection. This one is a bit more serious than other entries though, being darker in tone and subject matter, but it remains true to Mr. Pratchett's classic creation. The plot here finds you in the role of a hard bitten private investigator who is hired by a noir-style femme fatale to find her lost lover, but things don't stay simple and you soon find yourself in a complex tale of love and despair, all wrapped up in a sinister conspiracy. Gameplay is a bit different from usual, lacking the inventory-based puzzles of the genre and instead relying more on clue finding, and which help you in solving conversation puzzles, which in turn lead you deeper down the rabbit hole. For the most part, this is a great adventure. Perhaps the best aspect is the script, which feels like Pratchett even if it wasn't written by him, and although there's a lot of dialogue, listening to it is a joy which doesn't get boring. The plot itself isn't quite as engaging, although spotting all the references does help to maintain interest, while the visuals do a good job of bringing Discworld to life (although they are a bit dark and the animation isn't too smooth). Overall though, this makes for an entertaining ride.

An awesome detective mystery

Discworld Noir is an adventure game based on Terry Pratchett's fantasy novels, being released in 1999 by GT Interactive. The story follows Lewton, in his way to investigate a crime. The decorated graphics remain a stupendous part of this original game, along with the beautiful journey full of suspense. While involving myself deeper and deeper into the plot, I became addicted and I couldn't let it go. You will get attached to the characters, the locations, the subtle comedy in the conversations, in fact, to everything that makes this game so alive and innovative. Lewton will write clues in his notebook, and use items from inventory in order to deal easier with the situations and various conspiracies. The Noir ambient contains sarcasm, a sober atmosphere, jazz music, a brutal murder case. Unlike other adventure detective games, Discworld Noir makes sense with every puzzle you have to solve. The puzzles have the proper level of difficulty and are really fun to complete. One single complain about the game is the presence of only few characters from the books. I read Terry Pratchett's novels and I got really attached by the personas. I just wanted all of them, or at least more to appear in the game, that's all.

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