Police Tactical Training

Action 2001 Windows WizardWorks Shooter First Person

Dull and pointless police sim

With this game, you know exactly what you're getting yourself in for when you look at the title and it does precisely what it says on the tin. Unfortunately, while this could have been an interesting spin on the shooter genre and offered some thrilling but realistic cop action, it ultimately proves to be a rather dull and pointless experience which is best avoided. In theory, there are a few different styles on offer here, offering cop and SWAT wannabes the chance to hone their shooting skills on the target range, an alley walk and on sniper duties. Target range is again what you would expect, providing players with a selection of real world weapons and simply tasking them with shooting accurately at a few targets, while alley walk throws in 'civilians' to the mix to keep you on your toes. Finally, the sniper section sees you on a building taking long range shots in either day or night conditions. That's about it really and one of the game's biggest failings is that despite the presence of these three distinct game styles, they are all pretty much the same, with only very minor differences between, but with one similarity and that's that they are all very tedious to play. Matters are not helped much by the poor controls, with aiming rendered jerky and slow when it needs to be fast and fluid and really, about the only positive aspect of the game is the graphics which are actually reasonably well put together. It's not enough to help save it from being an almost complete waste of time though and if you're looking for some decent shooting action, look elsewhere.

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