Dizzy: Bubble Dizzy

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Platformer Cartoon

Love has no boundries

One of the games from the beautiful Dizzy series, this one takes us to a wonderful underwater adventure. Dizzy in fact a prince of an egg people, called yolkfolk and he is trapped on the bottom of the ocean after he was made to jump in the sea by an evil pirate Captain Blackheart. He now must travel to the surface if he cares about his dear life, and to see his beautiful girlfriend Daisy. Dizzy must climb bubbles to get to the surface, but the challenge is presented with a limited oxygen supply for Dizzy, so you have to move fast, because if he loses air, you lose a life. Fortunately, you can pick up oxygen along the way, to make the trip safer. Along the way, you have to pick up wonderful pearl so you can make a pearl necklace to gift your girlfriend with, as a token of your undying love. There are also creatures and other menaces that can endanger your life. In the end, you get a thrilling adventure game full of beautiful scenery, fantastic level design and really awesome music. The game is probably best suited for children because it has a lot of humor, childish design and it's not too hard - it is possible to finish it in the first or second try. So, get ready for a beautiful underwater adventure with out prince of the yolkfolk you are sure to remember for years to come!

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