Seymour Goest to Hollywood

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Platformer Cartoon

A platformer, Dizzy like, candid and sweet!

Seymour Goes to Hollywood is a sidescroller game, with puzzles that seem to have been stolen from Dizzy, which makes this a very colorful and cheerful game. The premise is that the protagonist, Seymour, is looking to produce his own movie, and in order to get the job started, he has to get the aid of Dirk. However, Dirk has gone on a vacation, leaving poor Seymour alone. The game is all about sidescrolling and solving puzzles, which are generally all about finding keys and other objects, and using them where they are needed to advance in the level. It's a cool adventure, and also a pretty diverse one, even if the basic activities that you will be a part of are all repetitive after a while. But, nevertheless, Seymour Goes to Hollywood plays well, looks nice, with cool 8bit Dizzy like graphics and you can replay it (and will have to, given that you only have three lives!0 until you complete it. It's like a Dizzy with a wannabe movie industry wannabe, pretty weird overall, for such a game, but it works well enough!

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