Adventures of Captain Comic 2

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox ComputerEasy Platformer Cartoon

Purely for arcade game lovers

This game and its sequel are classic arcade games which maintained a good presence among the users at the time when they were released. This game is very inviting in terms of the classic arcade action that it gives and some other features which will be discussed in the following lines. The most liked feature that this game has is its vast and nonlinear playfield which has been beautifully segmented into numerous terrains. You will play a hero known as captain galactic who will go from platform to platform and will kill the enemies and collect treats in the form of bonuses and power ups. The weapon that captain galactic will use is a blaster that can shoot depending on the power you have collected. Other collection items have also been incorporated in the game and include jet pack, pickaxe, magic wand and many other small trinkets. So the gameplay is very fun and thrilling. In terms of the graphics, you only have EGA graphics which are not much detailed or vibrant but can support a good thrilling gameplay which this game gives. Some puzzle solving elements have also been sprinkled on the mix of different features to make the game quite challenging. Adventures of Captain Comic is also on my love list but I have enjoyed this one more.

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