Dizzy: Fast Food Dizzy

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Single screen Item collection Cartoon

A Pac Man bound to cityscapes!

You've heard about the Yolk folk, the inhabitants of the world from where Dizzy had come from. Well, guess, what, the Codemaster co-creators allow you in this one to take a virtual stroll in one of their cities. Naturally, it's not the kind of tranquil city that would have been a drag to be presented with, it's a city that is under the attack of creatures not unlike the ghosts of Pac Man, and so, to counteract that, a man, or should I say Yolk folk representative has to take charge! Seen from top down, very well produced and with that penchant for funny, yet not too funny and very playable arcade feel, Fast Food is sure a great timewaster! I think the name of the game could have been a little better, could have been a little more polished, but then again, Fast Food is as well produced a game as they come. Naturally, it's not meant to be played for long sessions, but as a good time waster that has some staying power, sure, it's got what it takes. So add it to your DOS collection! Dizzy himself approves!

One screen at a time action puzzler

The kind of Dizzy that I fell in love with was the ZX Spectrum original sidescroller and adventure combo, but I must admit, this DOS collect them all puzzler starring the same egg protagonist is not a bad game. One thing you'll love is that the game keeps the action bound to one screen levels, which makes getting around stress free and also more fun. The game shows you a maze level in which you have to catch the food and in order to make that a bit more difficult, you have to do it in a certain time frame, otherwise the food items take off. The levels are beautiful in that DOS era style, which still manages to remain tributary to the original color scheme of the Codemaster Brothers original style. I can't really put my finger on it, but I do feel that unlike some other Dizzy titles (that were released for the NES) this one actually looks like a Dizzy game. Anyway, you'll get to visit all sort of one screen mazes, featuring distinct styles (that borrow architectural ideas from many different styles and time periods) but your main concern will be collection the jumping fried chicken and all the other animated foods. Why do the cooked food items run from you?! Well, I don't know, but, maybe, if you finish the game, you might find out! The game is silly, indeed, but it's a very relaxing kind of fun! Do have a go!

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