Red Storm Rising

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Microprose Naval

Invade Europe And fight NATO! For oil!

This very old simulation/strategy puts you in the midst of some very unhappy circumstances. It's all about invading Europe, in order to get to their oil reserves. A cool thing about the game is that, even if it plays exclusively in text mode, it has a great feeling of depth and ease of control. It's most original idea is that it allows you to control a lot of different types of units, from tanks to submersibles. So, the emergent strategy and the low level tactics are very well produced, well balanced and engaging. As I mentioned, don't expect a lot from the game in terms of graphics. It's just while and primary colors on a back background. But after you get used to it, it makes sense and it gives you all the info you in without a lot of issues. Furthermore, what Red Storm Rising does is manage to be a great warfare simulation. Sure, you won't see the explosions and the units engaging one another, but you will get to control the warfare pretty easily. So, overall, Red Storm Rising is a game for oldie simulation players only, and for those that love oldie strategy games. Download The Hunt for Red October for a similar era strategy/simulation, but a proper graphical game.

Naval simulation with great features

This simulation naval war game is as exciting and addictive as one might anticipate with games of this genre. The game also involves fun, strategy, political intrigue and many elements of adventure which have been coupled in a great atmosphere. The campaigns in this game involve a variety of different missions at random locations which makes it very dynamic and interesting to play. The variety of the game play in the form of missions is truly diverse as you have missions featuring submarines, surface convoy, task forces, subs and ships. This adds a great depth to the game play. Similarly the introduction of equipment's with sonar dipping features and those with sonar buoys bring great excitement to the screen. The graphics of this submarine simulator are also well designed where the details are clear even though the screen gets rushed with a lot of things going on. You have to get involved to be successful as it is quite competitive and demanding. Overall it's a good all out entertaining and thrilling game. One should also Silent Service which has a good standing in the simulation naval games.

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