Ocean Ranger

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Activision Naval

Arcade naval warship action game with some realistic portions

While at first I thought this to be a seemingly unbalanced simulator of naval warfare, I soon get over that initial presumption to accept this as a combination of arcade action with warships and with a few realistic elements dropped in there just for good measure. On the other hand, thinking about people that want more easily classified experiences I soon concluded that Ocean Ranger is a game which does not quality as a misguided serious naval warfare game, nor does it fit into a pure arcade game. However, the blend is the kind that works great, as it actually makes the simulation portion more intense, even if less realistically plausible, but it puts more in front of you and keeps you well entertained. As such, the Ocean Ranger mix of elements is pretty well interesting, and overall, quite nicely playable. So, in conclusion, I can only say that it is worth looking into, even in spite of its unclear nature. It's, ultimately a more playable game than your pure blood naval simulation like Navcom-6, to name just one early title.

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