Tetrix v 1.30

Puzzle 1992 Dos Miroslav Nemecek Tetris variant

Standard Tetris knock-off

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last thirty years or so, it should come as no great surprise to discover that Tetrix is a clone of the classic puzzler Tetris (there's a big clue in the name, just in case you need some help). Like so many other such clones, from Ultris, to Teamtris to Kentris, this one doesn't really add much new to the original formula and which is thus hard to wholeheartedly recommend to anyone but the most rabid of block-busting puzzle fans. Just in case you are that person who has been hiding under a rock and completely missed all the fuss, the whole idea of the game is to manipulate a series of falling blocks so that they form solid lines. If you're quick enough to do so, the lines disappear, you rack up some points and the game eventually gets faster and faster the better you perform. The original is a true classic, as evidenced by the sheer number of copies on the market, and the basic setup remains as compelling and addictive today as it ever did and viewed from the perspective of being a clone, then Tetrix is as good as the original. However, while it does add in a few minor twists to the basic gameplay, there really isn't anything radically new on offer, so you have to wonder why anyone would willingly play it over the groundbreaking original. The visuals are certainly not improved, and while graphics have never been a major draw for Tetris, something a little different would have been welcome, a statement which could be applied to the rest of the game as well. If you really need another Tetris game in your life, this is a as good as any, but purists should stick to the original and best.

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