Dracula: The Resurrection

Adventure 1999 Windows Anuman Horror Point and click Casual

Drac's back!

The legendary vampire that is Dracula has given his name to numerous games over the years, including Dracula in London and Dracula Unleashed. One thing his games often seem to have in common is that they are very handsome in appearance, thanks to some nice visuals that bring alive the Victorian era in grand fashion. The Resurrection continues this tradition but is fortunately blessed with some interesting gameplay to back up its visuals, making it well worth a look for vampire fans. The story here finds you in the role of a young man whose girlfriend has been kidnapped by old Drac, and now you must travel to Transylvania to get her back. However, it's not going to be all that easy and you must first explore the countryside in order to find a way into his castle, before facing off against demons and other nasties before finally going head-to-head with the big vamp himself. In gameplay terms, this is an old-school adventure, where you explore a series of environments and gather items and information in order to solve puzzles and continue the story. For the most part, this is enjoyable stuff. It certainly delivers on the atmosphere front, with splendid visuals that are brooding and unsettling, with sound to match. The puzzles are fairly challenging, perhaps a little easy for Myst veterans but certainly good enough to keep most players entertained. They're also implemented into the game well and don't feel tacked on, as is often the way. Drac himself doesn't appear all that often but apart from this minor niggle, this is a fine adventure.

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