Dragon Spirit: The New Legend

Arcade 1988 Dos Namco Vertical shooter Myth and legend

Vertical shooter with a dragon at the helm!

If you love dragons and vertical shooters, then you'll be happy to know that this game took both of these elements and produced a game that will satisfy the cravings of both groups. It's a clean, very diverse (within the limits of the genre) and most of all it is the kind of game that never goes weird on the way the world looks; by that I mean that the backgrounds you'll be hovering over are all produced to remind you of this ancient, primeval land, which adds depth and a feeling of there to the game. Yes, some of the game might be considered a little too slow and uneventful, but don't give up. The game picks it up after a while and you'll wish you faced easier opponents, in truth! So, yes, not much else to say. If you love forward shooting and flying games, with a dragon that is very powerful and will continue to power up, this has got to be it. Else, a very good choice of vertical shooter gaming, even if with planes is Menace, which like many other shooters of its type puts you in charge of a metal ship, very Geiger like in style, and also, similar to Dragon Spirit: The New Legend, it has some environments that look primeval, if that graphical theme is what you were looking to uncover. But, in truth, again, downloading both of them is sure worth it.

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