Forgotten World

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Capcom Vertical shooter

Mix of R Type with a dash of Section Z; well rounded

What makes Forgotten World so special is the very nice way in which it manages to put the accent on the kind of satellite based gameplay – shooting, dodging and using them as shields for your main ship in order to accomplish the task at hand. Therefore, Forgotten World manages to be a very specialized space shooter, the kind of game that R Type was only a vanilla version of. At any rate don't expect Forgotten World to be perfect; it is not as diverse as R Type nor as strategically inclined, but what it is, is a very well balanced game a game that does a beautiful job with the placement of enemies and with the way to evade danger. Also, in Forgotten World you don't get to collect most of the new weapons as free-floating power ups, nope, instead of that you have to collect the in-game currency which then you can use to buy new ship upgrades and new weapons with. So, as you see you have a game that combines ideas from the era of the coin ops, but also splices in some more modern, console era portions, to make it more convenient to play for modern players. A good alternative game to download can be R Type as well as Section Z, all three of these games being very well put together space shooters.

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