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War in the 21st Century

A good solid little science fiction wargame, Firezone makes for an entertaining time for fans of things like Laser Squad and Battle Isle. It doesn't bring anything particularly new to the table but it does everything with a decent amount of style and class so if you're looking for a bit of strategy fun, check it out. The background is familiar stuff and tells how the world in the 21st century has split up into self contained powers and fight each other for territory. The weapons of war are now highly advanced, with grav tanks, Striders and Leviathans now ruling the battlefield. The player takes control of a commander of one of these armies and must pit their strategic wits against the computer or another player in a series of turn-based battles. The game plays out over a hex-based map, with the turn sequence consisting of movement, firing and retaliation, with units including infantry, artillery, heavy armor and bases. The environment is also made up of seven different types, each of which affects the battlefield in various ways. There are also things like hidden units available, as well as options including a handy map editor. Firezone is pretty familiar stuff on the whole and is nothing we haven't really seen before. However, if you're into turn-based strategy games, it is well enough executed to overlook any shortcomings in the originality department. The visuals might be pretty dated, with fairly crude environments and unit icons, but the depth of gameplay and variety of units makes up for this, so if you do fancy some more sci-fi strategy fun, take a look here.

Great AI for a wargame, but not that great an interface

It's a bit disappointing that this game, while very well produced in terms of the way the AI interacts with your troops and the way it organizes its own troops is such a hard and cumbersome game to control. That is so because the interface, the way the menu's and the tile sets for the units look and the way the menus are arranged are anything but well done, and so, learning to play this game will take a lot of time, and playing it, after you've learned the basics, will be quite a challenge. But, even so, you can't deny that tactically and strategically, the game, which is more of a hypothetical wargame rather than a real world war recreation is very responsive. Also a plus of this game comes in the form of the unit statistics, which are all very detailed, and as such, you always can figure out with ease, which units will have a better chance of winning a direct confrontation. Graphically the game is alright, the maps are alright, in that 8bit style top down 2D style, and they communicate sufficient information about the units, though I'd argue they're not quite fit for very long play sessions, as they are quite tiring. A better alternative can be Tank Commander, which, while no a full on strategy, has some strategic elements about it that you might also like.

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