Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Activision Graphical IF Mystery

A very unique plot and good gameplay

It is a very good adventure game with a fantastic fiction theme which is very interactive. The fiction plot that the game has is that the character which is novel based has lost his identity and is now on the quest to claim it back. The player will also go through a phase termed in the game as THINK NOUN in which the player will enter a word which if related to his past will unfold a part of his memory. So the basic mission is to get all your memory back. It will involve a variety of different puzzles as well which will be solved to get more and more of your memory back. So if you reclaim all the memory, you will win the game. The game is even better than the likes of Amnesia which is loved in this genre. The game is though too short but is very addictive till you complete it. The game also gives you an online hint option which has been termed as HELP CONDOR and is very exciting. The graphics are more than average and the controls work in unison with the interface. You should surely have this game in your collection because it will give you adventure of a different kind.

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