Arx Fatalis

Action 2002 Windows JoWood Productions Medieval 3D action adventure Role playing Adventure Fantasy Rpg

The few bugs become insignificant in front of the original story

Arx Fatalis is a 2002 role-playing game developed by the french producers from Arkane Studios. This game will definitely fire the imagination of all the RPG passionate gamers, with its upgraded engine, innovative ideas and implemented concepts. Well, its story isn't that original, because of the well-known cliches met in many other RPGs, but I can't say the plot is completely unattractive, because I would lie. There are enough things about this game that will raise your interest, succeeding in absorbing your attention. The beginning of the game finds you in an abandoned cell, and from here, you have to handle the situation by yourself, embarking in an adventure where you don't know what to expect. The well-done graphics come with an abundance of colours, that maintain the atmosphere and the environment full of rocks, caves, and other locations not advisable for claustrophobics. The development of your character will become more complex, with more skills to unlock as you advance in the game and obtain experience. The enemies can be annihilated with weapons and magic, and the second defending system is pretty original. Let me tell you why. Throughout the game, you will find or buy multiple runes, each with its own symbol. By combining those symbols, you will enable the most complex spells. You must be fast when casting these spells, because it's likely that you will be killed by your armed enemies. Don't worry, you can prepare before the massive battles, by precasting the spells. Even if this game has a few bugs, it's worth your time!

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