Gothic 2

Action 2003 Windows JoWood Productions Medieval 3D action adventure Role playing Rpg

One of the gothics

This action single-player third-person perspective role-playing game, sequel to Gothic, released by JoWood Productions in 2002, is a setting for a lone hero who explores and does battles with orcs, bandits and dragons. Is it worth your time? The plot is to be chosen between three of the available career paths all converging to the ultimate goal of defeating an assault of orcs and dragons unleashed by the death of the demon killed in the first Gothic. As the first game, the story consists of medieval and fantastical elements, the character being able to equip traditional weapons (swords, axes, crossbows etc.), able to cast magic strikes (such as fireballs) and also able to cast healing magic. The combat isn't really great, you have to press an action button and then move with/without turning in a direction to attack with your weapon. You must have better skills than your opponent to really stand a chance in a battle. You can explore as much as the map stretches and do many quests (kept in a quest journal) in various ways, passing through detailed graphics with fine dynamics. In spite of Bethesda's Morrowind, Gothic 2 does not benefit of automap, all-inclusive merchants or instantaneous transportation but it does have a political system which allows you to sign up for a certain faction. The graphical details include the diversity and number of vegetation elements which don't depict a realistic finesse, detailed characters but rather blocky and good texture work for it's buildings. If your up for long hard battles, interesting quests and difficult combat this is the game for you, otherwise of your into special features such as automaps, instant traveling and so forth, you should be careful when getting a copy of this game.

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