Dreams to Reality

Action 1997 Windows Cryo Interactive Third Person Puzzle based

Both the action and fantasy is great

It is an action game which is based on puzzles and is played from the third person perspective. The game has a very unique fantasy plot and has been depicted with a lot of fine-tuned with a lot of exciting gameplay elements. The plot in the game is that you will play a character who is on a quest to save the world of both reality and dreams by some mysterious and dark forces. You have to reach a well which possesses the mankind's dream and do away with the evil. On your quest, you will fly form one island to another and will be doing a lot of collections and puzzle solving. There are many creatures that you have to counter. Some of them are peaceful and will help you in your quest, while the others are violent and will love to sabotage and take away your will. You will also do a fair bit of action to kills the creatures. The variety of the puzzles in the game is also amazing and it really indulges you in the gameplay. The graphics and the user interface if this game is very good and so are the perfectly balanced controls. Another game to be played in this category is Snood.

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