Space Bunnies Must Die!

Action 1998 Windows Ripcord Games Third Person Puzzle based

Get the bunnies!

If Lara Croft and her Tomb Raider adventures are a bit too po-faced and serious for you, but you still enjoy a good doss of wacky humor, then this little known game should be right up your alley. It's a sort of mix of Lara's famous titles and Redneck Rampage, being a third person adventure that throws in a lot of off-the-wall gags and although it's not exactly a classic, it remains entertaining in a low brow way. The plot here finds you in control of an ordinary waitress who is out to rescue her sister, kidnapped by the titular evil space bunnies as part of their lunatic plan to take over the world. What follows is a mostly standard third person adventure, where you'll explore variously themed environments, jumping, climbing and blasting everything that gets in your way. One unusual feature is the ability to dance, which convinces your enemies to do the same and which makes them easier to kill as they let down their defenses. The visual style is also very different, with a greater focus on tripped out design work, sight gags and so on. If you just want a good time, then this just about delivers what it sets out to do. It's not a stunning game, and many will find the humor tedious, but if you are attuned to its style, you'll enjoy the mix of action, adventure and jokes. The visuals are pretty decent, with some nice design work that brings a smile to your face, while the action and platforming are well integrated and generally quite enjoyable. It's not a game for everyone but to while away a couple of hours, it does the job.

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