Action 1996 Dos Destination Software Third Person Puzzle based

Puzzle Bobble like; aim at the bobbles!

Snood is a good take on the ideas that Puzzle Bobble had brought forward years before; the recipe is a very simple one: you have to shoot from the cannon that is at the center of the lower portion of the screen and hit the balls, that are to be found in the upper portion, but so as to match their colors. So, it's both a game of speed, as each level only offers you so much time for the round, and it is also a game where your shooting and aiming accuracy is brought forward as a very important skill for the player. Graphically, Snood is a very cartoonish, very colorful game, with faces painted on top of the bubble that you will be shooting towards. Ata any rate, match a cluster of balls together (the balls you shoot are generated at random, color wise) and they will disappear. Constantly new bubbles appear, so you have to keep on shooting and shooting well, otherwise, when the balls have advanced too close to you, the game is lost. A good, similar game, based on a similar principle is also Breakout, a much better know vertical shooter... with a twist! So download that one too!

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