Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Action 2001 Windows THQ Third Person Puzzle based

Great action but limited variety

It is an action based third person perspective game which apart from the action also involves puzzles and obstacles. You will be playing as a TV character name Jimmy Neutron and you are the hero to save the world from the deadly and malicious aliens. The aliens are on the mission to take over the earth and this means that you are in for some real action. The game is though not the best in this genre but has the features which are good enough to give you a good time on hot seat. There are about 6 different levels in the game which are though not much in numbers but are very diverse and unique. So you won't be seeing any repetition in the variety of enemies and the scenarios and the designing of the levels is also unique and non-repetitive. Apart from the action at every level, you will have to collect items and inventions which are really interesting. Once you have your hands on a new invention, you can enter the practice mode to get a grip on how to use the weapon. The controls are synced well with the gameplay and the graphics are very good in terms of the detailed view of action and the color combination. Darkened Skye is another game which you can go for after dealing with this one.

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