Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of the Skullkeep

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox Interplay Fantasy First person Dungeons and Dragons

That's how an RPG should be - simple and bloody

Not to be confused with a game that sounds very similar to this game, the RPG Stonekeep, The Legend of the Skullkeep is an old school graphical RPG game that is the sequel of the original Dungeon Master game that was a huge success back in the late eighties. This flashy sequel brings a lot of changes and most of them were definitely for the better - we now have insanely better graphics, a lot more interesting gameplay and a bigger array of weapons, spells and monsters to kill. Even with all the changes, DM 2 remains a fantastic hack and slash RPG game that is was when it first came out. We have the thrill of the chase, the action and also the cool puzzles, all of it surrounded by really nice music, a rarity that early in the gaming production. The game is fantastic in all aspects except in one - it gets over far too quickly. No matter, it has a very high replay value so you'll probably be wanting to come back and play again. Have fun!

The legend of the Skullkeep role game

This was an excellent RPG for its time, and even by today's standards its still a fun game. It can be completed in a couple of hours by an expeirienced player, however, the music and puzzles will keep you coming back or wanting to play it every so often. Combat is fairly simple and quick, movement is easily managed. The spells are the most difficult parts to master, and every character has the potential to become an excellent caster. Magic is quite essential to the completion of the game so level it up. The magic system is block based, so unless you have a chart, your going to have to discover spells on your own. There is no experience meter so there's nothing to tell you WHEN you will level up. Only hard work and training can accomplish that.

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