Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume II

RPG 1989 Dos SSI Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Perfect for AD and D fans, useless for everyone else

Unless you are an avid player of the pen-and-paper RPG Advanced Dungeons and Dragons then there is little to interest you with either this or its predecessor, Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume I. They are not games as such, nor even game creators like 3D Construction Kit or The Bard's Tale Construction Set, but are instead useful little applications that dungeon masters in charge of an AD&D adventure can make use of to organise and keep track of their campaigns. If you're not amongst this number then you can stop reading now, but if you still like to kick it old-school, then read on as you might find this helpful. Both volumes are entirely text-based but feature an intuitive interface that allows you to get up to speed with their extensive range of options. You can let the program take control of most of those little tasks that any successful campaign needs, from generating random monster encounters and treasure to entire player- and non-player characters. This second volume includes the last of AD&D's first edition rulebooks, Unearthed Arcana, so you now have access to plenty of new and interesting spells, objects and characters. If you're an AD&D player who enjoys the taking the role of dungeon master but doesn't like spending hours worrying about all the fiddly little details, like class and racial abilities or spell lists, then this is the perfect little time-saver. Everything is generated in seconds and can be printed out for use in your games, so you can spend more time playing than preparing. However, if you're not an old-school RPG-er then there really is nothing of interest for you here.

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