Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume I

RPG 1988 Dos SSI Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

A dungeon master's digital planning and design suite

With Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume I and Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume II all of those that love to write Dungeons and Dragons games, the actual pen and paper ones, will definitely get a good set of tools to assist them in the creation of these. The suite here, Dungeon Master's Assistant Volume I contains a module for writing the texts, the story, the starting plot. Then you've got a module where you can keep an eye on the stats of the players, and further more a dice throwing application. More so, you get a wide range of all sort of options, to make the application feel as simple to use as you feel comfortable with. Also, you get a good deal of objects to work with, treasures, weapons, monsters, a randomizing engine for when you want actions to be suggested to you and much more. It's definitely going to prove a sturdy program for dungeon masters. Sure enough, graphically it's very limited, containing only text and very limited graphical content. But remember, this is more of an aid for those that want to play a true pen and paper (with pen and paper!) game of D and D. If you want a proper D and D game, rather go for the original Neverwinter Nights game or the later ones. They're all great RPGs.

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