Earthworm Jim

Action 1994 Windows Dosbox Shiny Entertainment Cartoon Robots Platformer

The nice platformer that made Jim famous

Earthworm Jim is a classic, left to right platformer, however, the protagonist is anything but classical. He is an earthworm, the least likely creature to go for the adventures he is bound to go onto, if you are a fan of good, cartoonish, funny platformers. One of the best thing about the game is that it has very simple yet very deep controls. You can jump, attach yourself to all sort of lines and grids and slide over them, dodge, and even more so. While the basic outline of each level will pit you to get to a certain exit point, on your way you are going to have to solve level embedded puzzles, dodge enemies or even engage them and shoot at them. Each level has a beautifully drawn landscape, with all sorts of themes. Some are more nature inclined, others are tech looking, others will take you through cities and so on. Graphically varied, these backdrops also ask of you to engage in a very diverse set of actions. Yes, you are still mainly jumping from platform to platform, but at times, the challenges aggregate to create something rather more intense and more interesting. So, Earthworm Jim, the weird manly annelid game, the first in the series is a joy to play, for those with a love for gaming, platformers and I am sure even the most casual of players, the ones that never go out of their way to find new experiences will find this one very enticing and rewarding, while also not too hard for a newcomer.

Earthworm with a Cyber Suit

The story line of this classic game has many diverse characters. Jim was an ordinary earthworm in the beginning. All he had to worry about was the typical earthworm activites. He ended up coming across a "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" and it mutated him into a larger and smarter version of the earthworm he was. He over hears a horrible plan set in motion by the game's villian, Psy-Crow. He set out to save the princess.There are many odd things that is done in this game that captures and keeps the attention of the player and anyone in the room that may be watching. Some weird actions include: launching cows, using his head as a whip, and other crazy situations. You will laugh and have fun getting from level to level. Jim has a gun that he can shoot with, he runs, and even swings on hooks through out the maps. Jim even races the mean Psy-Crow. You never know what you will run into with Jim in control of the bizarre world. Set back and enjoy the craziness. I know I sure did!

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