Earthworm Jim: Special Edition

Action 1995 Windows Shiny Entertainment Robots Platformer

Graphically updated version of the original

Earthworm Jim was very well received when it first came out, but, being the first title in the series it managed to amass a couple of bugs and also, it didn't have the most crisp graphics, nether in the drawing, which was quite granular, and neighed in the color scheme, which was rather poor. This version addresses these inherent issues of the original, and by the end of 1995, it managed to put out a product to engage even the most demanding individuals. As expected, the developers worked hard to update the graphics, and as a bonus, the game also seems to sport a rather more exquisite animation for Jim himself, who is now more cursive and more limber than ever. There aren't however, any other new additions to the platformer however, so, if you played the original and didn't really find it repulsive in regard to its graphical presentation, this one will not offer much in terms of a new adventure. SO, rather, go for this version if you want to try the original, but prefer nicer, crisper and more color intense graphics

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