Thexder 95

Action 1995 Windows Sierra Robots Platformer

An arcade style addictive platform action game

This classic platform and arcade game is one of the best products from this developer. Here you will drive a futuristic aircraft called Thexder and you have the ability to transform into a giant robot. The target that you have is to eliminate the bosses and the techies of the enemies which are present in ten worlds and each world has 5 levels. This 2D platform and SVGA graphics game is similar to other plat formers in the sense that you have to collect energy enhancer cells, energy boosters, weapons, charge extenders and other variety of equipment which will give you more options and fun to play with. The graphics I must say are quite surprising for those times and the swift and well synced controls make the game that much more addictive and fun. You also have to use a good strategy for utilizing the limited ammo which will be needed to destroy the enemies which will require more and more shots to be killed as the level advances. The interface is very supportive where you have maps for navigation, energy status of your enemy, weapon section and other equipment's which are all presented via the use of small and clear windows that are present on the boundaries of the screen. The game is not as smooth and exciting as Abuse but is still a must try.

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