Colony 28

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Napoleon Games Robots Platformer

Giant robots and action galore

Colony 28 is a little known game that hails from Czechoslovakia and while its origins might be obscure, it provides a whole heap of action in a neat little package and which is perfect for fans of action and giant robots. The familiar sci-fi background describes how humankind has been overwhelmed by alien invaders but with some of the survivors being converted into robot soldiers to continue the fight. The player takes control of one such robot who finds themselves the last survivor of a transport boat filled with other robots that was on their way to a routine mission. Your goal now is simple: destroy the alien ship which controls the invasion and bring peace back to the planet. Colony 28 is reminiscent of scrolling shooters like Robocop, Contra and Metal Slug, with the player exploring series of apocalyptic environments, blowing the living daylights out of everything which crosses your path, while occasionally solving the odd puzzle that crops up. Your main armament is a wrist-mounted machine gun which can upgraded with different ammo types, but if you run out you can also engage your enemies with your fists, which also proves quite satisfying. The game is pretty straightforward and undemanding, but no less enjoyable for this fact, in the best tradition of arcade shooters everywhere. There are some nice cutscenes to develop the story, while the in-game graphics are quite atmospheric, with some smooth animation for the pleasingly chunky sprites. Colony 28 isn't going to set the world on fire but as action-packed romps go, it hits the mark.

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