Iron Blood

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Family Productions Robots Platformer

Epic game

Iron Blood will probably be most attractive to players that have an affinity to mecha anime or games, as well as all platform players, since this game is truly a piece of art. What makes this usually very typical platform game truly good is the fantastic character design animation and the wide variety of bosses you get to fight at the end of each level, since every one of them has unique powers, attacks and weaknesses. You have two character to choose from when starting the game and each of them has their unique powers and advantages. One is faster, and the other can jump higher. The mecha like fights are pretty cool to play and to look at. The game is also pretty challenging and the level various so you won't get bored any time soon. There is a lot of cool action, explosion and they all look very cool. The graphics are very nice, very detailed and very colorful. There also a lot of cool powerups to collect to make things even more interesting. Similar to platform games like Mega Man, this game will be great to players of all ages, especially kids who like robots and machines. Nice going!

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